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Hello and welcome! It's a huge step you just made visiting my site and now that you're here I'd like to tell you a little about myself. I hope this gives you a little understanding of who I am and why I do what I do.
As a kid growing up, I was hyper; I didn't learn the same as others; I procrastinated; I couldn't focus; I was picked on A LOT, so I pretended to be what I thought people wanted me. I felt like a let down, like I was never good enough. I was lonely and embarrassed.

As an adult I struggled with jobs, relationships, and money. I'd get bored, annoyed, and quit. I'd often ask myself: Why don't I fit in? What am I good at?  
Who am I?

At 32 my family doctor referred me to both a psychiatrist and psychologist who diagnosed me with ADHD. This made everything in my life make sense: 
I AM different; I AM talented, and I AM smart! I just needed support to learn and grow with my diagnosis and there were really no ongoing supports for individuals like me. That's when I found coaching.

 Coaching helped me create tools and strategies for time management procrastination,  organization, and self confidence. I completed my coaching certification in early 2019, created Abstract Life Coaching in 2020 and recently became a certified organizer in 2021.

oaching helped me talk about how I feel, how to achieve my goals, and how to be myself. I look forward to supporting and encouraging you to do the same.

I look forward to meeting you!