Creative Conversations

6 sessions + reminders

Together we'll discuss what's holding you back, and what you can do to fully achieve your true self.​

With goal and task reminders, you will learn accountability and how successfully completing a task can keep you on track to achieving your long term goals. ​

Two (2) sessions per month* either by phone or audio/video communication.

*Based on a three month commitment.


3 sessions

Let's refresh touch base on what goals were accomplished since we last spoke, and find out what worked last time, and finding alternatives to the ones that didn't.

Follow-up sessions (three sessions) valid for one (1) year.​

ADHD Workshop

8 weeks

Having ADHD shouldn't keep you from achieving your goals. Let's begin by discovering what areas are a bit more difficult for you (e.g., job, relationship, money organization, time-management, accountability/procrastination) and then discuss your main goals.

Together, through our personal support & task reminders, we will work on:​

  • Working memory and accountability.

  • Mindful Confidence and Appreciation

  • Goals & Strategies through worksheet/discussion

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One (1) session per week for eight (8) weeks*. Sessions are held either by phone or audio/video communication.

​*Eight (8) consecutive weeks.

Orientation Session

45 min - 1 hour

Discuss and discover who you are, who I am, and how coaching can benefit you.​Sessions are either by phone or audio/video communication.

Sessions are by phone or audio/video communication.

Cancellation required 12 hours prior to session.