Concierge Desk
Orientation Session   
45 min - 1 hour 

This session is 45 minutes to one hour and will allow us to discuss and discover who you are, who I am, and how coaching can benefit you.

Sessions are either by phone or audio/video communication.

Quiet Desk
Creative Conversations
6 sessions + reminders

Let's keep it simple and begin with the basics. Together we will create a conversation that discusses your dreams, goals and aspirations. Discover what is holding you back, and what you can do to fully achieve your true self.

Everyone has the potential to thrive in this world. Together we discuss what your goals and ambitions are; if anything is holding you back; and, what you can do to achieve true happiness.  With goal and task reminders you will learn accountability and how successfully completing a task can keep you on track to achieving your long term goals. 

Two (2) sessions per month* either by phone or audio/video communication. 


*Based on a three month commitment.

Office Desk
3 sessions

Follow-up sessions (three sessions) valid for one (1) year.

Let's refresh where we left off. We will touch base on what goals were accomplished, setting new goals, what works last time, and finding alternatives to the ones that didn't.

ADHD Workshop   
8 weeks

Create a life that is uniquely yours. Having ADHD shouldn't keep you from achieving your goals. Let's begin by discovering what areas are a bit more difficult for you (e.g., job, relationship, money organization, time-management, accountability/procrastination) and then discuss your main goals. Together, through our personal support & task reminders, we will work on:

  • Working memory and accountability

  • Mindful Confidence and Appreciation

  • Goals & Strategies through worksheet/discussion


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One (1) session per week for eight (8) weeks*. Sessions are held either by phone or audio/video communication. Email communication clarification/follow-up to sessions, included.

*Eight (8) consecutive weeks. Sessions are either by phone or audio/video communication.

Sessions are scheduled/paid in advance.

Cancellations by clients must be provided 12 hrs prior to session start.

Due to COVID-19 in person meetings are unavailable.